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‘Power Play’ by Toni Aleo

OMG! This book was amazing. I read it not once but twice and I am 100% sure it won’t stay at two 🙂 I can easily say this was my favorite 2019 read and most probably one of my all time favorites. I wanted to write my review the moment I finished the book for the first time, but I was afraid that my review won’t make justice to the book. I am still not sure how this will go but here I go 🙂

I love and adore Shea and Elli. I don’t even remember how many times I went back and reread Taking Shots. It was my safe heaven, which gave me hope, happiness and took me to an amazing journey every time. I never thought I could possibly love another couple as much as I love Shea and Elli, till reading Power Play

Posey Rose Adler is the daughter of legendary Shea Adler and owner of Assassins hockey team Elli Adler. She is smart, beautiful and strong. She thinks she is in love with Maxim, the billet boy and when Shea sends him away, for the first time in her life she decides to jump into action and follow her heart. Unfortunately, her journey to happily-ever-after ends up with a broken heart. Being the daughter of two legends and also sister of a Broadway star, she always felt invisible. By becoming special teams’ assistant coach for Assassins, she wants to make her parents proud and prove everyone that she is best at what she does and for the first time in her life outshine her sister. However, her priorities changes a bit thanks to Boon. Boon Zachariah Hoenes is winger for the Assassins. He is hardworking, loyal, super hot and sweet. Our sweet boy’s heart has been shattered by his cheater of an ex-fiancee and now all he is left with is hockey. He loves being part of the special teams but his new assistant coach doesn’t believe he is good enough to be in the special teams. He is happy to work hard and prove her wrong but there is an itsy bitsy problem, there is something about her that bugs him and also he believes she hates him. It takes tons of bugging by Wes to realize that the bugging feeling is because he is insanely attracted to her. The chemistry and attraction between Posey and Boon is explosive. Once the rocky start is in the past, you start seeing how right they are for each other. Watching her parents love for each other from the front seat all her life, her relationship expectations are pretty hard to reach but Boon exceeds them all. Their support for each others’ success was amazing. It feels like if I don’t stop writing, I will let all the cats out of bag so I will jump to other characters in the book and leave you to find out more of Boon and Posey’s swoon-worthy relationship. 

You will see more of Shelli and Aidan since Shelli is Posey’s sister and Aidan is one of Boon’s best friends. From the bits and pieces I got from Juicy Rebound and Dump and Chase, I always thought Shelli and Posey didn’t like each other but this book will show you it is not the case. It was great to see how much they care for each other. As always Elli and Shea are AMAZING 🙂 Shea, his ‘‘daughters’ dating-induced’’ angina and his dramatics were hilarious. You will see a bit of boys of Adler-clan, Owen, Evan and Quinn. I am really curious about them, especially Quinn. Also, I am dying to learn more about Wesley McMillan, aka Wes, Boon’s best friend and his past. He was also crushing Aiden’s little sister Stella. I am not sure if I should like her or hate her, so jury is still out. Annnnndddd villain of Dump and Chase, Asher Brooks is back in town and I really liked him in this book 🙂 Last but not least Allison Titov, who is Posey’s best friend. Thanks to her and her mistakenly thought true love, we get the story of Jakob and Harper in One Timer but I get a feeling she will find her happily-ever-after soon, maybe with Asher? 🙂 Yeah, I think this covers most of the side characters LOL!

It was one of the hardest reviews I ever wrote. This book is amazing and I feel like whatever I say won’t be enough to convey my feelings. I hope I wasn’t all over the place that much 🙂 Power Play is captivating, sweet, inspiring, emotional, funny and sizzling hot story that you cannot do anything other than being drawn in by the story.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Twice already, more to come 🙂
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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