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‘Taking Shots’ by Toni Aleo

‘Assassins’ series by Toni Aleo is one of my favorite series of all times 🙂 I read all books written by Toni Aleo and really enjoyed all of them. But ‘Bellevue Bullies’ and ‘Assassins’ are my favorites. I first read ‘Bellevue Bullies’ and then start reading ‘Assassins’ and these series are the start of my hockey/sports romance journey 🙂 ‘Taking Shots’ is the first book of the ‘Assassins’ series. In the book we don’t have only one but almost two heros/heroines 🙂 Our power couple is Elli Fisher & Shea Adler, and we also have a supporting couple Jakob Titov & Harper Allen 🙂

Shea Adler is my all time favorite hero. OMG! Shea is just to die for! He is sweet, caring, sexy, amazing guy. He plays professional hockey and is the captain of the Nashville Assassins. Elli Fisher is a photographer and an ex-Broadway star. Due to some health issues she quits Broadway and moves back to Nashville. She is a die-hard Assassins fan. So when she gets a chance for a photo shoot with Assassins, she jumps for it and she meets with her favorite hockey player Shea Adler 🙂 Shea cannot get Elli out of his head and he keeps pursuing her and Elli cannot believe Shea is attracted to her, she think she’s not good enough. Everything gets more complicated when they start dating and Elli’s insecurities got out of hand. But Shea is always patient and loving towards her and with Shea’s help and support slowly Elli finds her self worth.

As a bonus, we also get a side story of Jakob Titov and Harper Allen. Harper is Elli’s best friend and Jakob is Shea’s best friend. Harper is a player and she is only up for a hook-up. Jakob is the opposite of Harper. He is looking for ‘the one’ because he wants to fall in love and have a family. While reading Elli and Shea’s story, we see bits and pieces of Harper and Jakob’s story. How Harper changes and falls in love 🙂

I really enjoyed reading ‘Taking Shots’. It was really sweet, heartwarming love story. I love Shea and Elli and they’re my favorite couple from the series. (Yeap, I already read the series twice and I might read it one more time later on) If you like sports romance and still didn’t read the series, give it a shot, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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