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‘The Secret of the Mantle’ by Harini Chakrapani

‘The Secret of the Mantle’ is the debut novel of Harini Chakrapani. It was a good read full of action, and shocking twist and turns. The book has three parts and in each part shows us more about the important characters of the book; the parts are Dr. Chary, Ricchay Gupta and Ruchira.

The war between good vs. evil is coming and the only person that can stand against ‘White Death’, aka evil, is his equal and Ruchira thinks that ‘White Death’s Equal’ is Dr. Chary. The book revolves around Dr. Chary, who is a writer, and his journey to the magical world. His journey starts after his encounter with vampires and werewolves. When I first saw the word vampire, I was disappointed. I read so many stories about vampires and werewolves and as you all know that the way werewolves and vampires are portrait in a similar way in most of the books. I liked how Harini Chakrapani used vampires and werewolves but gave it a little twist so that they are not stereotypical. If you are thinking: ‘Ohh nooo not another book about vampires and werewolves’, no worries the book has many magical creatures in it. I am not going to give you more details about his journey because I don’t want to ruining the book for you but I can tell you this some parts are shocking and you will never able to guess what will happen next. And at the end of book it gives you an impression that the story has just began.

Overall, I enjoyed reading ‘The Secret of the Mantle’ it was different. However, I believe some parts could have been better. I was really had to push myself to read the first part because it was really slow, I wish there were more action or some twists but second and third parts are faster and full of action. I hope there will be a second book so that we can see what happens next.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡

 e-book kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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