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‘Hold My Breath’ by Ginger Scott

‘Hold My Breath’ is not my first Ginger Scott book but it is definitely one of my favorites. I love Ginger Scott’s style and she is one of the authors that I read without even checking the synopsis or reviews. I love how emotionally well balanced her stories are and how strong are the characters she created. I will do my best to write a review that won’t spoil the book for you.

The story is about two swimmers, Will Hollister and Maddy Woodsen, who are training for US Olympic team. Maddy’s parents are both Olympic swimmers. Her dad owns a swimming club. Since childhood Maddy, Will and Evan (Will’s brother) trained together. Will is a talented swimmer but all his life he was over shadowed by his brother Evan. Four years ago, Will and his family had a tragic accident, their plane crashed and Will was the only survivor. Since the accident, Will was drowning in his sorrows, spiraling around and he had another accident, which became his wake up call. He decided to train with Maddy’s dad in order to get in to US Olympic team. He knew it won’t be easy for him or Maddy because of all the pain their past has caused.

Since the accident Maddy wasn’t the same. She was alive but she wasn’t really living her life, she was just going through the motions, just existed. But everything started to change when Will came back to her life. At first, they both wanted to stay away from each other but they couldn’t manage it. Their feeling for each other was really strong. They push each other hard to help one another to become better in and out of the pool. I love how competitive they are and it is funny and sweet to see how their wagers always worked in a way that put a smile to their faces. I really liked how their relationship evolved from friendship to love. They helped each other to get over the past and ease their pains, they pushed each other so that they are better, and they are always there for each other for support. At some point it was heartbreaking to read the things Will had to endure and I was like ‘Come on that is enough already’ but I was glad at least he had Maddy to ease his pain and support him.

This is a classic Ginger Scott book, you laugh one minute and start crying the next 🙂 (or was that just me) I love how well developed the characters are. I felt their sorrows and happiness. This story helps you to see the importance of friendship, forgiveness, family and loyalty.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes.
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡

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