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Review: Falling Out of Hate with You by Lauren Rowe

I love Lauren Rowe and I read each and every book she ever wrote. I enjoy her writing style, humor, and the amazing characters she gives life to. I was pretty excited when I first heard about The Hate-Love Duet and as always Lauren Rowe didn’t disappoint.

Fugitive Summer is one of River Records’ popular bands but then again is there a band or a singer the man with Midas touch, Reed Rivers, touches and not successful. Adrian Savage is the lead singer of Fugitive Summer. He is a sexy, talented, and moody musician. He also has trust issues and it is really hard to get into his inner circle. Other than his bandmates, Kendrick, Kai, Ruby, and Titus, he only has his grandmother and cousin Sasha. It was amazing how loyal, supportive, protective, and dedicated he is to the people he cares about the most. During one of Reed’s parties, Savage lays his eyes on new and upcoming star Laila Fitzgerald and he is gone. The chemistry between them is crazy and he doesn’t want anyone but Laila. Unfortunately, his bandmate/best friend Kendrick calls dibs on her and all the things he was imagining comes to a crashing end. But this is not the worst of it. During the party, Reed announces that their opening act during their upcoming tour had to bail and he decided Laila will be the one replacing them. Leila is amazing. She is down-to-earth, friendly, and super nice. When she hears that she will be the opening act for the Fugitive Summer, she is ecstatic because they are one of her favorite bands and she also has a huge celebrity crush on Savage. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm will soon evaporate thanks to Savage and his hostile attitude. But then again how long will Savage be able to keep up the façade and act like she doesn’t exist? I loved the banter between them, it was entertaining, and their frenemies status was intriguing. However, constant misunderstandings and lies were a bit too much and that is the only reason this book was 4 stars instead of 5.

The timeline of this book overlaps with The Reed Rivers Trilogy and Smitten, even though you can read this as a standalone, I recommend you read the previous books as well. I enjoyed seeing the same events from various point of views and also get more scoop of the infamous Reed Rivers parties 🙂 I consider myself lucky because I find out about her books right at the beginning. It was right after her second book of The Club was published and I was hooked. My only downfall was I needed to wait A LOT 🙂 I am pretty sure that I will read anything she writes and enjoy. I cannot wait to read the second installment of the series.

Also, after Rockstar we got used to Lauren Rowe producing the theme song 🙂 I still listen to the one she did for Smitten and now we have an album (almost 🙂 ) Check out the River Records page on Lauren Rowe’s website to listen to Savage and Laila 🙂

P.S. It is amazing to be able to listen to the songs sung by the hero and heroine while writing the review LOL!

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes  
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡

e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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About Lauren:

Lauren Rowe is the USA Today and international #1 best-selling author of newly released Reed Rivers Trilogy, as well as The Club Trilogy, The Josh & Kat Trilogy, The Morgan Brothers Series, Countdown to Killing Kurtis, and select standalone Misadventures.

Lauren’s books are full of feels, humor, heat, and heart. Besides writing novels, Lauren is the singer in a party/wedding band in her hometown of San Diego, an audio book narrator, and award-winning songwriter. She is thrilled to connect with readers all over the world.

Connect with Lauren: Website | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Bookbub

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