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I have been sooooo bad with blogging lately. I don’t follow blogs, really behind on my reviews and it feels like I am a sinking ship. My last review was almost two months ago, and I had another review that I was going to post a week later. It has been almost two months and I only wrote one paragraph 😦 I am hoping I will finish that one soon… And apparently, I signed up for more ARCs. With the ones that send a notification saying they will be sending the ARCs; I wrote back saying I am unable to review but I still received some. Now I have six books to read and review till mid-February and I have no clue how I will do it.  I know I will review them, but it will be late and I feel horrible about this. Working from home is getting harder each and every day and it is making me depressed more than ever. I feel stuck and keep hearing people getting hospitalize or dying which is making me more paranoid.

I am so sorry I am a mess, but I need it to just unload I guess.

I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

6 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. Hang in there! I’m struggling too. I can’t seem to read as much as I’m used to and when I do read, I struggle to review quickly. What do publishers say when you receive a book and you tell them you can’t review?


    1. I try to e-mail them before they send the book and other than 1 really late review I still have time for the rest but I didn’t e-mail them yet. I feel bad 😦 I will e-mail them today and let them know I will be late on the reviews… You hang in there as well… I hope we will get over these days soon..

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