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Book Review: Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye by Jacquelyn Middleton

I love Jacquelyn Middleton and her books. She always took me on an incredible journey with each book she wrote. I was pretty lucky to come across London, Can You Wait?, her second book, on Netgalley, and I had no clue who Jacquelyn Middleton was, but the synopsis and book cover were calling so I requested it and the rest is history. Now I cannot wait to get my hands on her new books 🙂 Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye is standalone; however, all of her books are interconnected with each other. So if you are curious about some of the characters in this book, I recommend you to check her previous books London Belongs to Me, London, Can You Wait? and Until the Last Star Fades.

Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye is Leia Scott and Tarquin Balfour’s story. Leia is a newly divorced and talented upcycled fashion designer. To get away from New York and her ex-husband, she decides to visit her sister, who lives in London, for the holiday season. Thanks to the events that lead to her divorce, Leia is struggling with depression so a change in the scenery is really helpful for her.  During her last-minute holiday shopping at Ikea, her cute meet with Tarquin happens. Tarquin is a successful businessman who purchases historical buildings and renovates them into something people love to spend time in. So in some ways what they do is similar. Buying something abandoned and turn it into something many people want to own. Tarquin comes from old money and one of the richest families in the UK. Till recently he was playing the field but with everyone around him finding their other halves, he decides it is time to settle down and have a relationship. Ohh before I forgot, he is a die-hard Star Wars fan so when his meet-cute with Leia happens, it looks like fate 🙂 Unfortunately, Leia is not looking for a new relationship. Even though a hot, charming, flirty British guy is hitting on her, the only thing she can offer is right now and nothing else. So only thing that remains from the Ikea meet-cute moment for Leia is a business card and promise of an introduction to a designer friend of Tarquin’s and for Tarquin to hope for a phone call. Thank god for the business card and Leia’s sister, their meet-cute story starts. I am not going to get really into what happens next since it would be more fun for you to read about it. What I can say is loved both Leia and Tarquin. Their struggles and fight with mental health issues were close to home so I could relate and connect with them. I loved how they took actions to do better, be better. Also, I want to thank Jacquelyn for taking me on an amazing London, New York, and Orkney tour. I realized how much I missed London and it felt good to go down memory lane. Scotland was on my bucket list of places I want to visit but after this book, it is on top 🙂

Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye is an inspiring, emotional, and sweet story that will take you on a scenic tour to London, New York, and Orkney. I cannot wait to read Jacquelyn Middleton’s next book. I am really curious who will be the hero and heroine of the next book. Did we already met them on the previous books or will they be brand new additions? If you ask me, I would love to get Tarquin’s brother Nick’s story.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡

e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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About Jacquelyn Middleton:

Jacquelyn Middleton is an award-winning author of love stories for hopeful romantics–‘hopeful’ because her novels are always full of optimism and a ‘happy ever after’ is important now more than ever before. But life is messy, relationships are messy, and her books aren’t afraid to go there, too. If you enjoy character and relationship-driven stories about people dealing with the triumphs and disasters we all face, Jacquelyn’s books are for you.

In 2019, she was named BEST CANADIAN AUTHOR at the RWA’s Toronto Romance Writers ‘Northern Hearts’ Awards for UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES. She is also the author of LONDON BELONGS TO ME, LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? and SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE.

An own voices author, Jacquelyn has dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression all her life, and is dedicated to depicting mental health challenges realistically and empathetically in her novels.

Jacquelyn’s books have been featured by The Hollywood Reporter, NBC News, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Daily News, USA Today, Cosmo, Redbook, and the Huffington Post.

She lives in Toronto with her British husband and Japanese Spitz dog.

Connect with Jacquelyn: Website | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Bookbub | Newsletter

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