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Book Review: ‘To Love a Prince’ by Nana Malone

And second book of Nana Malone’s ‘The Prince’ duet ‘To Love a Prince’ is finally here. WOW!!! What a journey Nana Malone made us take. I love Winston Isles books and with each and every one book, I fell more in love with Nana Malone’s writing and the series.

Prince Tristan and Lady Ariel finally get their second chance after 10 years of separation thanks to evil Prince Ashton. I have good news and bad news for you guys. If you read the first book of the series, you probably have tons of questions. Good news is with this book you will get all the answers and bad news is I won’t be revealing any of those answers for you. Sorry! …. Not sorry 🙂

As you know from the first book someone is trying to kill Prince Tristan. Our gang has a suspect, Prince Ashton. No surprises there; however, they don’t have enough evidence to link all attempts to Ashton yet. There is also Lord Gilroy, who thinks Tristan is responsible for his daughter Amelia’s disappearance.  Even though, whole gang is trying to help Tristan and figure out who is behind the murder attempts, Tristan still holds too much to himself. I can totally understand his reasoning but it annoyed me to hell that it took him that long to trust the people, who were doing everything to protect and help him. There are still too many twists and turns in the story that keeps you hooked from the beginning to end. Thanks to crazy Winston Isles women and the pressure of finding the person behind the assassination attempts, we will see a very pissed King. Also, when all the secrets that Tristan is keeping and Amelia’s disappearance come out, everything gets a new spin.

‘To Love a Prince’ is sexy, heartbreaking, and full of suspense and mystery. Also, thanks to Nana Malone and her infamous epilogues you will be wishing, you could start reading the next right away. So next book is Zia’s and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

P.S. I am sooo looking forward to read Trace and Tamsin’s books as well. Also, since we get a chance to see a bit of Roone’s cousin Ben in the epilogue, I am hoping we will be getting his, East and Bridge’s stories as well.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did .
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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