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‘Butt Ending’ by R.C. Stephens

Technically this is my second book from R.C. Stephens but I read the first book in this series after receiving this book so it is fair to say thank you Butt Ending for introducing me to R.C. Stephens. But no worries even though, I totally recommend you to read ‘Big Stick’ first, ‘Butt Ending’ can be read as a standalone. I loved the writing style on both books. They were both full of twists and unexpected events.

Oliver Russell, aka Oli, is a hot shot NHL player. He is hot on and out of ice. He is the king of hook-ups. After losing both of his parents at a young age, he doesn’t want any kind of commitments. His only committed to his twin sister Flynn and his best friend Myles. He is happy with his life style until a car ride with a brunette spitfire changes his life upside down. Sloane Carmichael is Flynn’s best friend and since she met Oli ten years ago, she has a huge crush on him just like most of the female population. Thanks to Flynn’s meddling Sloane and Oli ends up in a nine-hour road trip to Canada.  Oli was always aware of Sloane but it wasn’t hard to ignore his attraction towards her but being in an enclosed space with Sloane makes everything harder. Oli knows that Sloane is looking for more than a one-night stand but he is not ta person, who can offer more than a night. Just like Oli, As a twenty-seven year old virgin, Sloane has her own issues due to events she went through when she was a teenager. Her mom’s, who is a famous sex guru, diagnosis is that Sloane is suffering from a hostile vagina. But when she is around Oli, her vagina is not hostile at all. So she decides why not give her virginity to Oli, but when Oli learns that she is a virgin, he runs without looking back and boom Sloane is friend-zoned. Sloane wants her happily ever after but seeing Oli cannot be monogamous and he is a commitment-phobe, she decides to go back to her hometown and face her demons. Their happily ever after won’t come easy. For them to move forward and be happy, they both have to face their demons.

This story brought out so many emotions. I cried, laughed, got pissed. What Sloane went through with Parker, was so closed to what I have been through with my best friend, it hurt me and made me feel really close to her because I understood what she went through. I totally recommend this sexy, funny, sweet and heartbreaking story.

P.S. Third book of the series ‘Power Play’ is coming next and I cannot wait to get my hands on it 🙂

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes.
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

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e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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About R.C. Stephens:

As far back as R.C. Stephens can remember she was a sucker for a good romance. Of course there had to be a prince charming even if he ultimately was a dark knight and there had to be a happy ending.

She watched the movie Dirty Dancing way too many times growing up and Jean Claude Van Damme movies too. Go figure!

After years of saying she would write a book one day, she finally put pen to paper and carved out the plot line for what would eventually become the best selling Twisted Series. Now R.C. is just finishing up her tenth book and can’t seem to stop the stories running through her mind. Visit R.C. on her Facebook page to find out what’s new in her life and what releases she has coming up.

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