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‘Misadventures with a Manny’ by Toni Aleo


If you are following my blog, you already know that Toni Aleo is one of my favorite authors. I read almost all her work. Thanks to her I start searching for hockey themed books 🙂 So when I heard/read Toni Aleo’s name anywhere, it always reminded me hot, sexy moments with a hockey player. Why I am mentioning this! Because sometimes it can be a book, a movie or a TV series but if some specific genre stick with a person for too long it feels like if it is out of that theme it won’t be good enough. At least that is how I always feel. However, last three books I read from her aren’t hockey themed and I am proud to say she ROCKED those too. So now it is time for….

Lincoln, the Manny…

Can I have one PLEASE???

Lincoln is a dream comes true. He is hot, educated, great cook, kind, caring, and loves kids. Ohhh I almost forgot he is also a kid whisperer. I am telling you guys everyone needs a Manny just like him 🙂 Vera is strong, family oriented, successful and little bit of a workaholic. She has three amazing boys, Charlie, Elliot and Louis. When her dooshnozzle husband cheats and leaves his family for their nanny, kids are the ones who suffer the most. They start acting out and Vera cannot find a way to control them, she cannot stop them from acting out. Not until Lincoln, the kid whisperer, agrees to be their manny. But there is a itsy bitsy problem. From the first moment they see each other they are attracted to each other. So what they do? They decide to fight sizzling hot chemistry between them. Are they successful? Of course not 🙂 Sooooooo, they decide why not let’s just have a physical relationship and everything will be ok. However, with the time they are spending time together, they start falling one another. Is it all sunshine and rainbows? Unfortunately, no. If you are wondering, if they lived happily ever after, you need to read the book. But I can assure you, you will enjoy it.

‘Misadventures with a Manny’ is sweet, inspiring, funny, sexy, and heartwarming story, I enjoyed reading. At one point or another I was laughing, I was pissed, my heart was breaking but it was all good. I hope there is more to this story, maybe a novella 🙂

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did.
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

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