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‘The Deal’ by Elle Kennedy

I am disappointed with myself because of waiting this long to start reading the ‘Off-Campus’ series. Even the books are connected to each other; you can read them as standalone because stories are not continuing from where it left off on the previous book. This is one of the best new adult series I’ve ever read. The series is about Briar University Hokey players, who are also roommates: Garrett – The Captain, Logan – The Abbreviation King, Dean – The Player and Tucker – The Nurturer. They have each others backs, they are loyal and hilarious when they’re together. OMG I was cracking up to the conversations they were having throughout the series. And of course they are all freaking hot and charming 🙂

‘The Deal’ is the first book of the ‘Off-Campus’ series and it is Garrett’s and Hannah’s story.

Garrett is the captain of Briar University’s hockey team. He is hot, smart, the star player of the hockey team, who will most likely go pro and little bit of a man-whore. He is having trouble with one of his classes and if he cannot raise his grade up, it will bring down his entire GPA and he won’t be able to play hockey. One day after class he bump into a girl, who is one of the few people that are doing well in the class. Garrett has one mission: convince Hannah to tutor him. But there is a little problem Hannah is unaffected by Garrett’s charms and not interested in anything he has to offer in exchange.

Hannah is strong, smart, beautiful and vulnerable. She has a huge crush on a football player, Justin. She’s not the type who goes crazy for a guy but the way Justin makes her feel, makes her wish that she is on Justin’s radar.

After being rejected by Hannah couple of times, Garrett comes up with a deal that he thinks Hannah won’t reject. In exchange for the tutoring sessions Garrett offers Hannah to pretend as they are dating in order to boost her popularity so that she will attract Justin’s attention. After Hannah agrees with the deal Garrett is offering everything becomes more complicated.

When the tutoring sessions start, Hannah and Garrett starts spend more time together hanging out. They become friends and share stories that anyone else knows.

Even though Garrett doesn’t want a girlfriend, after the time they spent together and the kiss they share, he realizes that he is falling for her. The only thing that stands between them is her Justin crush. So Garrett decides to show Hannah that he is actually the guy she wants.

They have a great chemistry. I loved the banter between them and how their friendship evolved to a relationship. I couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. ‘The Deal’ is written from dual point of view. If you are looking for something sweet, funny, and sexy, this books is just for you.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did (more than once LOL!)
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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8 thoughts on “‘The Deal’ by Elle Kennedy

  1. Omg, I can’t believe you just read it now! This book is a staple for lovers of the genre. And I’m so happy you discovered it. I wish I could read it for the first time again!!!! I didn’t like the second as much, but the third was suuuper good.


    1. HAHAHA! I didn’t read it now. I read it long time ago. I just re-read it to write the review LOL! But it is one of my favorite series 🙂 Missed you and your reviews!!!!


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