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‘In the Crease’ by Toni Aleo

And the FIRST PLACE goes to…..


from Nashville Assassins

Dear Shea,

I am so sorry but after 11 books, Jensen knocked you out of first place. But no worries you are still in 2nd place. Sorry, not sorry 🙂

I am a huge Toni Aleo and ‘Assassins’ fan. I read all the books in the series at least twice and some of them way more than two times 🙂 I was hooked since the beginning of the series and Shea was always my favorite hero, till I get to meet with Jensen. ‘In the Crease’ is the 12th book of the series and it is everything you want in a romance; sexy, sweet, heartwarming and amazingly perfect.

Wren Lemiere is smart, funny and independent woman. All her life, her relationship philosophy was ‘love them and leave them’ and I believe her insecurities, fears and trust issues were the reasons that lie behind this philosophy. She has a great job and the inheritance she will be getting from her grandfather that will set her and her brother Wells for life. But when she finds out she is pregnant and her baby daddy wants nothing to do with her or the baby, her life turns upside down. Her biggest problem is if she has a child out of wedlock, she will lose her inheritance. Now her only option is to find a fake husband, who will attend her brother’s wedding and stay with her till the baby is born. After considering all her options, including hiring an escort :), she decides to ask Jensen, a.k.a. Jenny, who’s always been there for her. Jensen, who is her brother’s best friend that she grew up together, is the goalie of Nashville Assassins. He is loyal, handsome, polite, and kindhearted. He has been in love with Wren since he was a teenager, but never had a chance to open up to her because timing was never right. When Wren asks Jenny to be her fake husband and baby daddy, Jenny sees this as the opportunity he was waiting for a long time. Because Wren’s terms aren’t what he wants, he makes her a counteroffer. Unlike Wren, Jensen wants a chance to make this marriage work and he wants to be a real father for the baby. When Wren accepts Jensen’s offer, his ‘make Wren fall in love in 6 months’ plan starts. Witnessing Wren’s growth through the story, overcoming her insecurities, fears and trust issues by the help of Jensen’s unconditional love was beautiful. OMG! Jensen is one of a kind; he is a ‘unicorn’ just like synopsis says. Jensen helps Wren to see her worthiness, strength and shows that it is possible to love and trust someone. Jensen also has his own insecurities and seeing him struggling with those was heartbreaking. Their connection and growth of their love and relationship was sweet, funny, and heartwarming.

‘In the Crease’ is sweet, captivating, funny, emotional, and sizzling hot read that can be read in one sitting. ‘Assassins’ being my favorite sports romance series, I hope Toni Aleo keeps writing the series 🙂 If you enjoy sport romance and looking for something new, I definitely recommend you to read the series.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes.
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did 🙂
  • Would I read future books by this author: Definitely.

P.S. At the end of the 11th book, ‘Delayed Call’, I was hoping the next book will be Jensen & Wren’ or Wells & Matty’s story and I got my wish on both accounts because next book is ‘Two Man Advantage’, which is Wells & Matty’s story and I cannot wait to read it 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

5 thoughts on “‘In the Crease’ by Toni Aleo

    1. Yes, I do love it 🙂 Bellevue Bullies is really good too and it is kind of connected with Assassins. I hope you enjoy Shea & Elli’s story 🙂


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