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‘Pipe Dreams’ by Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is one of my favorite authors and she never disappoints her readers. ‘Pipe Dreams’ is the third book of ‘Brooklyn Bruisers’ series and for now (because I am hoping there will be more books in the series) it is my favorite in the series. ‘Pipe Dreams’ can be read as a standalone but I am totally not recommending it, read the whole series, you will not be disappointed.

Our hero and heroine for the book are Mike Beacon and Lauren Williams. If you read the previous books, you know little bit about both Mike and Lauren. Their past is complicated and full of heartbreak. Their relationship evolves from friendship to relationship and after being happily in love for two years, it ends with heartbreak. Mike is the goalie for the Brooklyn Bruisers. He is sweet, loyal, patient, and really understanding. He is also a single dad. He does everything, while raising her daughter, so that she won’t be getting hurt more than she already has. Mike’s past is really complicated but his biggest regret is letting go love of his life two years ago. When he learns that his ex-wife got cancer, he had to make a choice either leave the love of his life or his daughter and he decides to go back home to be there for his daughter.

Lauren is Brooklyn Bruisers owner Nate’s office manager and right hand. She is strong, smart, hard working, reliable and beautiful. In the previous books, the only impression you get about Lauren is her being an ice queen. But after reading ‘Pipe Dreams’, you will definitely understand her reasons for being hard and unfriendly. After Mike dumps her without an explanation and goes back to his wife and daughter, Lauren builds up a wall around her and pushes everyone away. Even though she works for Nate, she avoids hockey, which used to be a huge part of her life in the past, like a plague. However, when Becca suffers from a concussion and gets a leave of absence, Nate asks Lauren to step up and fill in for Becca. Lauren hates every minute she needs to spend with the team and has to see Mike, which rips her heart apart, frequently. I enjoyed seeing other parts of Lauren. She is heartbroken and vulnerable but when she lets her guard down you see how sweet, friendly and funny she is. I loved how her relationship with Becca, Georgia and Ari evolved. So now the Lauren is back at the Brooklyn Bruisers Office, do you think she will be able to forgive Mike and give him a second chance? Will Mike see the opportunity and fight for a second chance? How will Elsa, Mike’s daughter, react to Lauren being back to their lives? If you want answers, you should start reading ‘Pipe Dreams’.

Also, there are flashbacks that will show you how Mike and Lauren’s relationship started and how they were together in the past. I usually don’t like flashbacks but it really didn’t annoy me in ‘Pipe Dreams’ at all. I also love that you get to see more about Nate and Becca’s relationship but it still is a mystery 🙂 so I hope next book will be theirs so we can get all the details 🙂 Also, Silas is back, which makes me super happy because I was really upset when he left towards the end of the first book. I am also hoping we will get a chance to read his book too 🙂

Overall, I loved how the story and characters developed through the story. If you want a read a second chance romance that is heartbreaking, sweet and hopeful, ‘Pipe Dreams’ is just for you.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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