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‘Hollywood Prince’ by Kim Karr

‘Hollywood Prince’ is a standalone but I recommend you to read ‘No Pants Required’ and ‘Bedwrecker’ before it so you will have more ideas regarding our hero’s and heroine’s and their families’ background. ‘Hollywood Prince’ is a funny, sexy and light-hearted book that you can easily read in one sitting.

Brooklyn James known as Hollywood royalty. He was the star of a reality show when he was a teenager. When he started college, he quit the show. Even though, most of his friends from the show became actors and actresses, Brooklyn didn’t want to get in front of the camera. Plus being the child of Emma Fairchild, who is a Broadway star turned film actress turned director and Todd James, who is an A-list actor turned into a junkie, was not helping him to stay away from the spotlight, which pushed Brooklyn to leave LA and move to Laguna Beach. He is known as a player. His brother Keen and his best friend Cam calls him ‘Panty dropper’ but he is really sick of all these meaningless relationships and aimless life style he is leading and he wants to change it. He wants to be a screenwriter and become successful with his work.

Amelia Waters believes in fairy tales and still looking for her happily-ever-after. She grew up like a princess between her two brothers and her father, she always felt overly protected. She is a really talented photographer but because she doesn’t want to disappoint her father, she finished her MBA and started working at his father’s company. After her big brother died from OD, her family broken into pieces and because everyone is trying to protect her, they don’t tell her the truth about a lot of things. But on the New Year’s Eve everything starts to crumble down with her learning the truth behind her family. Before learning all that she was enjoying her blind date her best friend set for her with Landon, who is a professional baseball player, and she thinks that he can be her Mr. Right. Before their relationship can go anywhere, Amelia decides to fly to Laguna Beach to confront her brother Cam about her new knowledge regarding their family.

When she shows up on her brothers doorstep, instead of her brother Cam, she gets Brooklyn, the Pantydropper 🙂 The chemistry between Amelia and Brooklyn is off the charts. But Amelia knows all about Brooklyn’s bad boy reputation and his manwhoring ways. She thinks he is Mr. Oh-So-Wrong but she is sick of being the good girl and she wants to him to rub little bit of his bad to her. Amelia’s brother Cam is Brooklyn’s best friend. Even though, the attraction between them is undeniable, Brooklyn does his best to resist her. He decides that it will be easier if he friend-zone her but their relationship changes after Amelia starts giving him suggestions for the screenplay he spend two years writing and start spending time with her. So at the end they decide they will have a secret affair that won’t end up being messy or emotional.

Can they really end their relationship before it gets messy or emotional? Can Mr. Oh-So-Wrong be Amelia’s Mr. Right? Are Brooklyn’s feelings for Amelia the push he needs to get his life together? Will Brooklyn and Cam’s friendship survive? Will Amelia get her happily-ever-after? These are all for you to find out… But let me just tell you this if every Mr. Oh-So-Wrong is like Brooklyn, I definitely want one 🙂 If you are looking for a quick read that is fun, sweet, sexy and will leave you with a smile on your face, you should definitely read ‘Hollywood Prince’.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Definitely
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

P.S. Next one in the series (I know it is not a series but it feels like one 🙂 ) will be Chase’s story ‘Heartbreaker’ and later on we will read the next chapter on Cam & Makayla’s relationship in ‘Tie the Knot’.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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