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‘#Blur’ by Cambria Hebert

‘#Nerd’, the first book of the ‘Hashtag’ series, was the first Cambria Herbert book I read and really enjoyed the whole series. As for the ‘Gear Shark’ series, #Junkie, which is the first book of the series, was my first M/M book. I wasn’t sure what to expect but because I was familiar with Drew and Trent, who are our heroes for the first two books, from ‘Hashtag’ series, I wanted to read it and I really enjoyed it. Third book of the ‘Gear Shark’ series is ‘#Swag’ and so far it is the only M/F book in the series. We have the first glimpses of Arrow and Hopper in ‘#Swag’ because of their connection to the hero and heroine.

Our broken heroes in #Blur are Arrow and Hopper. Just a little caution before going in details, I started crying in the first chapter. The beginning of the book is heartbreaking, and really sad. The story starts from the past and shows us how Arrow and Hopper become the broken souls they are today. Dylan Lorhaven, who we know as Arrow Ambrose, knew he was gay when he was in high school. His mom finds out he is gay while going through his stuff but she is really accepting. However, she warns Arrow regarding telling to his father because he is a narrow-minded a..hole. Unfortunately, he disregards this warning and comes out to his dad and shortly realizes that it is the worst decision he had. That a..hole acts like being gay is some kind of disease and keep pushing Arrow to date girls and threatening him to take away his trust fund, car, college tuition and everything he owns. On his eighteenth birthday his father, the douchebag, disowns Arrow and kicks him out. He doesn’t have anywhere to go other than his brother and on his way to Jace everything changes for Arrow forever. He gets beaten and assaulted, which shatters him into million pieces. OMG! It broke my heart into million pieces too. I was crying because the way Cambria Herbert wrote about it made it feel so real. And then it jumps to Hopper and his painful past. Jayson Hamilton, who we know as Hopper, is a Motocross star. After his last win, he becomes eligible to race internationally. However, his biggest rival cannot accept the failure and challenges Hopper on a street race. Hopper accepts the challenge but right before the race there was an accident and Hooper was unable to race. Instead of Hooper his boyfriend Matt races but there was an accident in which Matt ends up dying.

Because of the traumatic events they faced in their past, now we have two broken men. Arrow is shy, passionate, loving, but he still cannot trust anyone. Even though, he is close with Drew, Trent, and his brother’s girlfriend Joey, he is still lonely and hides behind his brother. But now he has a chance to change and take control of his life. He has two offers, he can either race in NASCAR or NRR but he cannot decide, which offer is best for him. This is where Hopper comes in to play 🙂 Hopper is fighting with insomnia and survival’s guilt since the accident. He is vulnerable, lost and lonely. But everything changes when Ron Gamble sends him to Arrow with contracts.

Their chemistry is off the charts but the most impressive thing between them is the way they see through each other’s pain and broken parts. Witnessing the way they slowly heal each other was heartbreaking and sweet. But will this be enough for them to get over their pasts and move on? Will they get their HEA? That is for you to find out. If you read and enjoyed any of the books from ‘Hashtag’ or ‘Gear Shark’ series, you will definitely enjoy #Blur.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

P.S. Next book in the series #Finish Line is coming out on February 27th :))

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

5 thoughts on “‘#Blur’ by Cambria Hebert

    1. I read on Facebook a Q&A about this book. She said she’d really like to write another novel about Drew and Trent, with a wedding, babies and what-not, but that Trent is kind of shy in telling his stories, so it might take a while.

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