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‘Empty Net’ by Toni Aleo

First off, this will be my Toni Aleo week 🙂 I should have let you know about this on my first post but forgot. SORRY 🙂 I will be posting reviews for all the books from Assassins and Bellevue Bullies Series. Both series are my favorites and I re-read them all in order to write reviews but I think my mistake was instead of writing a review after each book, I waited till I finished them all so right now I will be constantly writing and posting reviews 🙂

So third book of the ‘Assassins’ series is ‘Empty Net’. Our power couple for the book is Audrey Parker and Tate Odder. Mr. Oooooooooder is one of my favorite heros in the series. My top three would be Shea, Philip (You still didn’t get the chance to meet with him) and Tate 🙂

You probably remember Audrey from ‘Trying to Score’. She is Fallon’s younger sister and was dating asshole Levi Moss. She believes in fairy tales and is looking for a happily-ever-after with her Prince Charming but unfortunately she always end up finding douchebags. After breaking up with Levi, on Fallon’s bachelorette party, Audrey decides to have a one-night stand and she finds a hot Blondie in the bar. It doesn’t take much for them to leave the bar but next morning Audrey feels really ashamed and runs out of the room thinking she will never see him again. Oh boy! She can’t be more wrong…

Tate Odder is the new rookie goalie for Assassins, who is from Sweden. He is sooo dreamy. He is sweet, charming, sexy, genuine, and funny. Tate is just 21 years old but he is really mature for his age. Even though he is young, he wants to find ‘the one’ and settle down. He still cannot get the brunette, he picked up at the bar, out of his mind. He is not a player and it took him forever to put himself out there and her running out of the room the next day is a huge bust for his confidence. He thinks he will never see her again, but fate puts her right in front of him in his best friend Lucas Brooks’ wedding.

After their run-in at the wedding, they figure out that they are next door neighbors 🙂 Their chemistry is off the charts and Tate really wants to pursue a relationship with Audrey but she thinks he is too young for her. But no matter how hard she tries to push Tate away, he keeps coming back. After a long pursuit, Audrey caves in and decides to give Tate a shot. Their past scars causes problems in their relationship but Audrey is the one who creates most of these. Because of her insecurities and her past, she doesn’t believe, she deserves a Prince Charming and that is why she tries to push Tate away every chance she gets. I really enjoyed reading Audrey find confidence in herself and realize her dreams are within her reach by the help of Tate.

‘Empty Net’ is a heart-warming, sad, and sweet story. I couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. So another great Assassins book from Toni Aleo. Next book of the series is ‘Blue Lines’, stay tuned for review 🙂

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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