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‘Pucked Up’ by Helena Hunting

First off I think ‘Pucked’ series should come with a warning saying: ‘You will be laughing out loud while reading these books, so make sure you are not in public’ 🙂 Even though, I wasn’t laughing as much as I did while reading ‘Pucked’, I still laugh out loud couple of times and got the looks from the people around me, but it was definitely worth it. ‘Pucked Up’ is the second book of the ‘Pucked’ series and it is about Miller ‘Buck’ Butterson and Sunshine ‘Sunny’ Waters.

Buck is Violet’s stepbrother (Heroine of ‘Pucked’), who is a hockey player and because of his man-slut reputation and due to his last bathroom stall activity with his coach’s niece that went viral in media, he gets traded to the Hawks. I loved Buck’s and Violet’s relationship in ‘Pucked’. He was supportive and protective but other than his relationship with Violet, I had an image of a man-slut jock in my mind but that image was vanished while reading ‘Pucked Up’ and Buck became one of my favorite heros. He is honest, sweet, protective, and has a big heart. Sunny is Alex’s sister (Hero of ‘Pucked’), who is getting her masters and also a yoga instructor. She is sweet, beautiful and innocent. Because of her brother she is well aware of the NHL life style and all the temptation so when Buck shows interest, she is not sure of his intentions.

On the other hand, Buck is tired of the puck bunnies and the lifestyle. He wants to have a committed relationship but what he doesn’t consider is the time and effort a relationship requires and also Sunny living in Canada and him travelling all the time makes everything harder. But he wants to show Sunny that he is a changed man and they can have a relationship just like Violet and Alex but somehow he always ends up in unfortunate situations. Alex and Sunny’s best friend Lily being not supportive of their relationship and Buck’s misleading pictures keep popping up on social media makes it harder for Sunny to fully trust Buck and their relationship. Will Buck be able to show Sunny and everyone around them that he is a changed man and he is sincere about Sunny? That is for you to find out 🙂

‘Pucked Up’ was written in Miller’s POV. I wish this book was written from dual POV too. I would have love to read some parts of the book from Sunny’s POV but overall I really enjoyed reading ‘Pucked Up’. If you are looking for a sweet, charming and funny read, you will definitely enjoy reading ‘Pucked Up’.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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