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‘The Ultimate Treasure’ by Melody Anne

This is my first ARC review and I am really happy for the chance. Because Melody Anne is one of my favorite authors, it makes my first ARC review more special. I read ‘Unexpected Heroes’, ‘Baby for the Billionaire’, ‘Billionaire Bachelors’, and ‘The Lost Andersons’ series by Melody Anne. I loved every book of ‘Billionaire Bachelors’, and ‘The Lost Andersons’ series and didn’t want it to end. I think the only think that I didn’t like was they were all written from 3rd person POV. ‘The Ultimate Treasure’ is the last book of the ‘The Lost Andersons’. So if you didn’t read any of the books from the series let me give you a brief introduction to the famous meddling triplets Joseph and George Anderson, and Richard Storm. Joseph and George Anderson are really rich businessmen, who have big families. The only thing they are looking forward to is having grandchildren. Unfortunately, none of their kids are planning to settle down so Joseph and George decides to step in and start meddling in order to reach their goal 🙂 So in each book they have a different victim 🙂 and they find a suitable candidate for him/her. After they put their plan in motion, they stand back and watch what will happen. Their kids have no idea that they find their match by the help of their fathers. You might wonder where Richard Storm comes in to play. All their lives Joseph and George Anderson thought they are twins until they met with Richard Storm who is their long lost brother. So our meddling twins become the meddling triplets. ‘Billionaire Bachelors’ series is about Joseph and George’s kids and ‘The Lost Andersons’ series is about Richard’s kids.

‘The Ultimate Treasure’ is Alexa ‘Lexie’ Mills and Lance Storm’s story. Lance Storm is sexy, smart businessman, who never backs down from a challenge. He is also the only single in the Anderson-Storm clan. Lance never thought about settling down until the night he shared with Alexa after his brother Ashton and Alexa’s sister Savannah’s wedding. Alexa is beautiful and an idealist. She never allows anyone to get too close and never allows herself to get attach to anyone. Even though, she wants to be a part of a family, to love and be loved, she is too afraid to take a chance because of the marriage example her abusive father set.

Lance’s company sponsors a humanitarian project in Philippines. They are helping to rebuild one of the villages that was destroyed by natural disasters. Our triplet comes up with a plan to help Lance and Lexie. They think Lexie is a good candidate to be a part of this project. Lexie is super excited that she will go to Philippines for a month and help people until she realizes that the project is sponsored by Lance’s company and she will be living with Lance for the next month. The chemistry and attraction between them is off the charts but whenever they get close to each other Lexie pulls back and re-builds her walls. After spending a month together in Philippines, nothing has changed between Lance and Lexie. On their way back to home, Lance asks Lexie to pretend as his girlfriend for a week during Christmas celebrations with his family as a favor to him. Will Lexie survive spending one more week with Lance and the rest of the Anderson-Storm clan? That is for you to find out 🙂

‘The Ultimate Treasure’ is sweet, flirty story that shows the importance of the family and it was great seeing the characters from the other books. I love Joseph, George and Richard and their success in matchmaking. I am really glad that they won’t be stopping their matchmaking and decided to help their friend Walter Grayson with his kids 🙂 If you like other books of Anderson & Storm clans, you will definitely enjoy ‘The Ultimate Treasure’.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Yes
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡

 e-ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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