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‘Corrupt’ by Penelope Douglas

I love Penelope Douglas and read all her books. I already wrote how great she is in one of my previous reviews so I won’t repeat myself again 🙂 If you never read Penelope Douglas, I strongly recommended you to give it a try. ‘Corrupt’ is my favorite Penelope Douglas book and because I read it when it first came out, I wanted to re-read it and write a review. It has been two weeks since I finished my re-read but I really had a hard time to write this review because I don’t know how to write a review without spoiling the book for the people who still didn’t read it and also write something that makes justice to this book. But here I go.

Erika Fane, a.k.a Rika, is beautiful, smart, forgiving, and trusting but do not let these deceive you, she is strong and she won’t let people walk all over her. Rika and Michael grew up together. All her life she was afraid of Michael but this didn’t stop her from falling for him. She always thought she was invisible for Michael up until three years ago on Devil’s Night.

Michael Crist is professional basketball player who is sexy, rich, manipulative, and ruthlessness. During high school he was the star player of the basketball team. Michael and his friends Kai, Will and Damon, who are also known as The Four Horsemen, ruled Thunder Bay. After they graduated from high school and went to different universities, The Four Horsemen came back to Thunder Bay for the Devil’s Night, which is the night before Halloween. Every year in Devil’s Night, The Four Horsemen pulls different pranks and do whatever they want to do. Everyone knows it is them behind the masks but no one will do anything to stop them. But three years ago on Devil’s Night something went wrong and Kai, Will and Damon got arrested and Michael blames Rika for what happened and now that they are out of prison, The Four Horsemen are looking for revenge.

Rika decides to move to Meridian City to continue her university degree and also to get away from Trevor, who is her ex and Michael’s brother. What she doesn’t realize is she ends up in the city Michael lives and The Four Horsemen is back and coming for her with a vengeance plan. For Michael, the only thing that will go against the plan is the attraction he feels towards Rika and how right it feels to be with her. When Rika decides to play and truths comes out, everything gets crazier.

“Well, it’s like you’re saving your energy for something. Holding back, but it doesn’t make any sense. Life is one-way, and there is no return trip. What are you waiting for?”

‘Corrupt’ is an intense story full of twists, vengeance, lust, and deceit. I love that ‘Corrupt’ is written from dual POV. It gives us more chance to see depth and inner struggles of the characters. You will definitely have a love and hate relationship with the characters throughout the book. Other than two of the characters that I really hated from the beginning till the end, I couldn’t decide if I should hate or love the rest of characters. I will let you guess who are these characters 🙂 I am really glad this is not the only book about The Four Horsemen and I cannot wait to read Kai’s story in ‘Hideaway’.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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