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‘Ball Peen Hammer’ by Lauren Rowe

Aaaaannnd here is another great book from Lauren Rowe. I already read it twice. But here is the thing I read it the day it was released and I didn’t have a blog back then and after I did created the blog, I wanted to write a review and I re-read it so that I can write a better review when it is all fresh in my mind. But unfortunately it didn’t work because it has been 2 weeks since my second read and I didn’t know how to write a review that will make justice for the book, I am still not sure if I can but here I go.

‘Ball Peen Hammer’ was one of the cutest books I ever read. It is funny, sweet and sexy 🙂 Our hero is Keane, who is Kat – aka The Party Girl with a Hyphen’s (If this name does not mean anything to you, you are missing a lot. I recommend you to READ ‘The Club’ series ASAP) brother and our heroine is Maddy, who is Hannah Banana Montana Milliken’s (Kat’s friend) sister. Our story starts when Dax, Keane’s brother, volunteer Keane as a travel buddy/babysitter for Maddy’s move from Seattle to LA. OMG! What a road trip that is. The slang and banter between Maddy and Keane is hilarious. This books needs to come with caution such as ‘Do not read in public unless you can control laughing out loud because people around you can give you weird looks.’ How do I know, it happened to me. I was reading on my way home and laughing really hard because in some parts I couldn’t stop myself and I do believe some people thought I was crazy 🙂 Ohhh and banter between Keane and Maddy is not the only thing that will make you laugh, let’s not forget about Keane’s best friend/roommate aka wifey Zander, their conversations will make you cry from laughter.

Maddy is sweet, shy and sassy. She is moving from Seattle to LA in order to pursue a degree in UCLA. She is also a social media wizard and her skills will be great help to Keane. Keane is funny, sexy and little lost. He is one of the best strippers in Seattle. And from the start of their road trip you can feel the sexual chemistry between them. Being stuck in a car together, they get to know each other and share a part of their personalities that are foreign to others around them.

There are some parts to their story about their pasts that will make you sad but overall the story was hilarious and you can easily read it in one sitting. It was another great book from Lauren Rowe that I really enjoyed reading. I am looking forward to read more from her and hopefully it will be about one of the Morgan’s, Reed or Zander.

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Already did 🙂
  • Would I read future books by this author: Definitely

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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