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‘Jewel’ Series by Lauren Blakely

I read all the books written by Lauren Blakely and enjoyed them all. I usually read reviews and synopsis before starting a book but there are some authors that I read just because they wrote it and Lauren Blakely is one of them.

I read both books in a day because it was impossible to put it down so now I have a long day at work after a sleepless night but it was worth it 🙂 I totally recommend Jewel Series. It is romance mixed with action and mystery.

Jack is ex-military who is a bounty hunter. He is family oriented, hot, and trustworthy who rights wrongs perpetrated by criminals like a modern day hero. Jack lost his parents when he was a teenager and took care of his younger brother and sister with the help of his older sister. During a job Jake involves with a woman and after her betrayal, which almost cost him the job, he decides not to get involve with anyone during a job.

Steph is an outdoorsy type who owns an adventure tour business. Her father died when she was three years old and her mother married a man named Eli. Eli is the only father Steph and her brother knows. After her ex’s betrayal and Eli’s and her mom’s divorce, Steph is struggling with trust issues.

Our hero and heroine cross paths in a bar in Caymans. During a game of darts they share flirtatious banter and a hot make-out session. Jack is in Caymans because of a new job. He is looking for 10 million dollars that was embezzled from a hedge fund by companies ex-CEO. On the other hand, Steph has an adventure tour in Cayman’s but she goes there couple days prior to the tour so that she can talk to her stepdad and get some money back for her mother after an unfair divorce settlement. They both have a common point in their pursuits: Eli.

Jack and Steph fight against their attraction to each other and how they struggle within their selves because of their trust issues. Books are really thrilling hot romance and you cannot stop reading until the end 🙂

  • Would I recommend the series: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Maybe Later
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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