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According to WordPress my Blogiversary was in June but it took me awhile to post something on my blog so I thought my Blogiversary should be the day of my first post ever soooo today is the day πŸ™‚ My grandmother in ICU so when I found the time I wanted to write it before hand. This is a scheduled post, which I wish I knew since the begging so I would have manage my posts better πŸ™‚

I want to thank all of you for following my blog and being part of my blogging journey. It is great to be a part of an amazing blogging community. Since I start blogging I got the chance to meet awesome bloggers, read amazing reviews from others and find out about great books that I enjoyed reading from my fellow bloggers.

How did I start blogging? I love reading and I do read a lot so I thought why not start a blog and share my thoughts about the books I read. It seemed so manageable and easy but man I was wrong! It is definitely fun and you get to interact with other bloggers but managing posts and writing reviews can be challenging. I never imagined how hard it could to be to keep up with blogging. I do admire the bloggers, who can manage to post daily. I cannot even imagine how they can manage it. Most of the time I cannot even manage to post once a week 😦

I am still reading a lot but lately I am having trouble with writing the reviews. I know nothing is all sunshine and rainbows but lately I am getting more stressed because I cannot write any reviews. I feel like I am stuck and sometimes thinking about writing a review keeps me away from reading and OMG! this post started as a celebration post and turned in to me spilling my guts πŸ™‚ so I think it is time for me to wrap it up LOL! On my second year as a blogger, I hope to become more organized and try to keep up with blogging without stressing myself out.

Thank you again for following πŸ™‚


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19 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Hi Mia,
    I’m sorry it took me so long to read your article. Life is kinda hectic right now. And I’m sorry about your grandma, I know how always hanging on a thread feels like. Hang on there and stay close to her.
    I feel you about the reviews. Mostly, I’ve been having issues finding the will to write them because of all the time I know it takes to write and post one. Sometimes even 1 hour is not even enough. Ugh!

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    1. Hey Talia! I can totally understand hectic and I haven’t been reading any posts for almost a month now but I am hoping to catch up with all of them soon. Writing a review in 1 hour will be a blast and most of the times what happens with me is I keep saying ‘let me read 1 more chapter and write’ and that 1 more chapter never ends lol!


  2. Congrats on hitting a year of blogging! Don’t worry, I think pretty much every book blogger has gone through times where it’s hard to write reviews. It’ll probably pass eventually πŸ™‚

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  3. Congrats on reaching a year Mia and definitely don’t worry about posting all the time or being more organised! I’ve been doing this for nearly six years and I never post regularly!! Here’s to another fab year for you. I also hope that your grandmother is okay xx

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