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‘Pucked Off’ by Helena Hunting

‘Pucked Off’ is finally out. YEAY! And I don’t know for how long I waited this book to come out but here what happened to me on the release day:

  • Me (the night before release day): Yeeehhhuuuuu! I cannot wait to get my hands on ‘Pucked Off’
  • Me (the morning of release day): I cannot wait to get off work, cuddle with my kindle and start reading
  • Me (@ 6 pm on release day): FML! I am stuck at the office (till 1 am) 😦
  • Me (@ 2 am on release day): Finally, in my bed and reading

Yeah I know I sound like a psycho but I couldn’t help myself, I had to read it and couldn’t wait any longer. At the end, I didn’t sleep at all but it was totally worth it. I hope my review can make justice to the book and I don’t give away much and ruin the story for you. So ‘Pucked Off’ is the fifth book of the ‘Pucked’ series. It is one of the best sport romance series I ever read. If you read the ‘Pucked’ series you all know who Lance Romero is and probably can remember Poppy too. While the rest of the series was light hearted and full of funny moments, ‘Pucked Off’ is different. It is the most emotionally and the heartbreaking story of the series.

Do you remember the girl from ‘Pucked Up’ who rubbed off the dick on Miller’s forehead, went to grade school with Lance and was stuck in a closet for seven minutes with Lance when she was twelve years old? She is our heroine Poppy O’Connor. Poppy is beautiful, sweet, smart, and generous. She works as a massage therapists and that is how Lance comes back into her life.

Through out the series, we all read about Lance ‘Romance’ Romero and know all about his reputation as a manwhore. I was always curious about his relationship with Natasha, a.k.a. Tash, the team’s ex-physical therapist and at some point was hoping she was his happily ever after. OMG! After reading the book and realizing how toxic she was for Lance, I am really glad it wasn’t her. Deep down Lance is sweet and has a good soul but he is really broken, vulnerable and insecure. He has a lot of trust issues because the people that supposed to love and protected him, only neglected and abused him. He also doesn’t believe he deserves anything good because of the guilt he is carrying since he was eleven years old. He envies the serious and stable relationships his teammates Alex, Miller and Randy have. Even though he doesn’t think he deserves it, he wants to have the same stability in his life. In the hopes of having someone he can trust in his life, he shares his past with Tash, which she ends up using it to manipulate and hurt him more.

The events caused by his misplaced trust leads him to the clinic where Poppy works. When they meet at the clinic even though he is nervous, he is attracted to her. He has a feeling he knows her but he cannot remember it. Because of his horrific childhood he keeps the memories related to his childhood locked away, which is not really helpful at all. I loved how their relationship was evolved and how by the help of Poppy, he started to remember the good memories from his childhood. Poppy is one of the few people who can see through Lance. Every time when Lance tells Poppy ‘‘I wanna deserve you’’, my heart broke for him but it also made me love Poppy more because she always assured Lance that he deserves her, their relationship and happiness. I also loved how successfully Helena Hunting balanced the ups and downs of their relationship so that it wasn’t full of relationship drama. You want more details about their relationship?  Then I recommend you to start reading the book ASAP 🙂

‘Pucked Off’ is a heartbreaking, beautiful, sweet and hopeful story. I couldn’t put this book down until I was done. If you enjoy previous books from the ‘Pucked’ series and/or sports romance, you will definitely enjoy reading this book. I am hoping that this is not the last book of the series and maybe next we can read stories of Charlene& Darren or even Abby&Rookie 🙂

  • Would I recommend this book: Yes
  • Would I re-read this book: Definitely
  • Would I read future books by this author: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

6 thoughts on “‘Pucked Off’ by Helena Hunting

  1. I feel so ashamed I still haven’t gotten around to reading this. Bad Talia! All my friends are so enthusiastic about this series, and here I am always pushing it on the back burner. I soooo need to bump it up.
    Wonderful review, hon!

    Liked by 1 person

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