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‘Always You’ by Denise Grover Swank

‘Bachelor Brotherhood’ series is my second series from Denise Grover Swank and just like ‘Wedding Pact’ series I really enjoyed reading it. ‘Always You’ is the third and last book of the ‘Bachelor Brotherhood’ series. Kevin, Tyler and Matt are best friends, who got really unlucky with the women they date so they decide to… Continue reading ‘Always You’ by Denise Grover Swank

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‘London, Can You Wait?’ by Jacquelyn Middleton

I requested an e-ARC copy of ‘London, Can You Wait?’ from NetGalley and I am glad that I did. This was the book that introduced me author Jacquelyn Middleton. ‘London, Can You Wait?’ takes place over a year after ‘London Belongs to Me’. This book can read as a standalone but when I read Jacquelyn… Continue reading ‘London, Can You Wait?’ by Jacquelyn Middleton

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‘The Wedding Date Bargain’ by Mira Lyn Kelly

‘The Wedding Date Bargain’ is my first Mira Lyn Kelly book, which I enjoyed reading. I will definitely be reading the first book ‘May the Best Man Win’ and if I am not mistaken (I am also hopeful that I am right) at the end of the book Mira Lyn Kelly gave little hints that… Continue reading ‘The Wedding Date Bargain’ by Mira Lyn Kelly

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‘Rookie Move’ by Sarina Bowen

‘Rookie Move’ is the first book of ‘Brooklyn Bruisers’ series by Sarina Bowen. If you are fan of second chance and sports romance, this book is definitely for you. Our hero and heroine for the book are Leo Trevi and Georgia Worthington. If you read Sarina Bowen’s ‘Ivy Years’ series you are familiar with our… Continue reading ‘Rookie Move’ by Sarina Bowen

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‘Face-Off at the Altar’ by Toni Aleo

‘Face-Off at the Altar’ is the 9th book of the ‘Assassins’ series. I think you can also read this book as a standalone because as always Toni Aleo does a great job at introducing all the characters and the back-story, so you won’t be lost if you haven’t read ‘Assassins’ and/or ‘Bellevue Bullies’ but I… Continue reading ‘Face-Off at the Altar’ by Toni Aleo

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‘Trying to Score’ by Toni Aleo

‘Trying to Score’ is the second book of the ‘Assassins’ series. If you put second chance, misunderstandings, lies, swoon worthy hero, annoying heroine, a secret baby and a great love story all together you will get ‘Trying to Score’. Lucas Brooks and Fallon Parker fell in love in CA when Fallon was attending Stanford and… Continue reading ‘Trying to Score’ by Toni Aleo